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Every once in awhile, I have a patient come in the office fully knowing it will be the last time I see them. Because in a few weeks, they may not be alive.

I take a few extra minutes with them, making sure all is well before they leave the earth. Speaking to someone who knows they will die soon has been an ever enlightening experience.

They have this sense of calmness that is a mixture of relief and fear. It keeps me up at night. Which is why I am writing this at 12:30AM.

Top 5 things I learned from the dying:

1) Stop and smell the blue bonnets. No one regrets not working enough.

2) Let joy overtake your heart.

3) Spend 10 minutes of everyday interacting with those whom you cherish the most.

4) If anything seems to bother you, it’ll bother you less when you know you’re dying.

5) Look forward to change because it will be the only we way you grow.


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