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A new patient came in a few months ago and stated her restless legs syndrome has been worsening. I ordered some blood work and saw that she was anemic.  After dietary changes and iron pills, her restless legs was better.
I saw her again recently, stated her restless legs once again worsened, and I also noticed she gained about 15 lbs after the untimely death of her husband.
After discussing about depression and hurdles in life, I screened her for sleep apnea.
She had a sleep study done and was found to have severe sleep apnea.  She is on being treated for her sleep apnea and her restless legs have completely resolved.
Causes of restless legs syndrome: mostly unknown but there is a genetic component to it.  Iron deficiency is a well known cause as well as other chronic disorder such as Diabetes.
If you have restless legs syndrome or think you may have it, please go to your friendly neighborhood doctor 🙂


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