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I am so humbled by this email I received today.

I sent an email to for the release of my new book…/574241-ultimate-plan-for-diabetes-re…

This is just one of the heart-warming emails I received from my patients today:

This email made my day:

“We are so very proud of all you do to help others and I know your parents are proud as well as your ancestors. You treat the person, not just the disease, as a whole with compassion. People need to get back to cooking real food and not running out to eat all the time. God has given us so much to use to heal our bodies but we live in a world that wants a quick fix and instant gratification. Thank you all for all your time and energy spent to help and educate everyone.”

This one email made all the medical school years, residency hours, and struggle all worth it! My grandfather is looking down from heaven and I KNOW he is proud of me because the way I practice medicine is the way I watched him practice medicine.


[Pictured here is my mother and grandfather in West University, TX when my mother first opened her Acupuncture and Herb Clinic circa 1993]

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