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This was my conversation with a patient who has a terminal disease:

Him: “Hey doc, I guess I don’t have too much longer huh?”
Me: “No, unfortunately not.”
Him: “Any advice?”
Me: “I can’t say I’ve been in this situation but I do see other in this situation pretty much daily.”
Him: “Well? What do you think they would say to me?”
Me: “They’d say to make sure that before you leave this earth to reconcile all the wrongs and make them right.”
Him: “I just want my family taken care of. The only person who can do that for me is you.”
Me: (They are all my patients) “I promise I will take care of your family.”
Him: “And I promise to tell yours in heaven that you were the greatest doctor I’ve ever had and they should be proud.”

I would love for him to tell my late grandfather that. He was the reason that I became a physician.

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