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With mixed emotions, I’ve decided to leave my current medical practice in Katy, TX to purse my position as Chief Medical Officer at Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine starting July 1st 2017.

Emotions have been tugging at my heart in making this decision. I have over 5000 fantastic human beings I take care of in Katy and surrounding areas who are near and dear to me.

[If you are one of those people and are reading this, there is another physician I personally invited and hand selected to take my place in the practice (please call Medical Colleagues of Texas for more info on transition).]

However, being an educator for clinicians in this new venture will provide lifestyle medicine and functional medicine to a much larger population.

What you can expect from me:
1) teaching about food as medicine
2) social media outreach with likeminded physicians
3) educational community events
4) even MORE motivation
5) Leading other physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and dietians in treating patients at Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine.

As this Facebook Page hits 500K followers (in 24 countries), I do feel as if I have a grand responsibility in teaching the public about what I know and have learned about medicine, food, and the environment.

I am writing this tearfully with sincere and mixed emotions. Thank you for all your support throughout the years!


-Dr. Cheng Ruan

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