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How These Conversations Between a Doctor and His Patients Prevented Death
It’s always crazy in a medical practice right after Thanksgiving. It’s not abnormal to skip meals to take care of
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Secrets to Successful Permanent Weight Loss for a Working Professional
The most requests for weight loss medications are from busy working people who gained weight recently, are stressed out, skips meals,
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Why Many Doctors Have a Hard Time Connecting With Their Patients
When I started residency, I was excited to finally put into practice all that I’ve learned in medical school. When
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The Gateway Drug is More Than He Bargained For
Many people come to my clinic complaining of one symptom. However, it’s up to doctors to decipher if there are
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Caregiver Stress Syndrome
Are you so used to taking care of other people that you neglect taking care of yourself? Caregiver Stress Syndrome
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Why Can’t I Sleep at Night
“Why can’t I sleep at night?!?!”   I want to address one of the most common requests in my office:
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